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The IDC needs material support. To design, our volunteers need paper, pens, computers, and model-making equipment; to build, our teams need tools and materials. Without this support, our talented volunteers simply cannot give their talents to those in need.

We need our supporters to tell othersSpecifically, we need those who have dedicated their lives to helping others to know about the IDC and how it could support their efforts. Only then will the skills of our talented volunteers bring about the playgrounds, gardens, community centers and homes required by communities and organizations in need throughout the world.

We need financial support to provide travel fellowships and pay for the materials required to complete the project. Over time, this support will allow the IDC to endow permanent travel fellowships and hire full-time staff — key components to realizing creative work with communities in need around the world.

Spread the word

You can help out the International Design Clinic in many ways, and one of the simplest is by spreading the word about our organization. We've made it simple for you with some downloadable posters which you can print and post around your community. 


Buy some swag

There's more than one way to spread the word about IDC. This official IDC merch helps support our initiative in the global community and lets everyone know you helped.  

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Project Manuals

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