In order to be relevant here, the IDC trades the rigid hierarchy implied by terms such as owner, client, user and public for more inclusive and heterarchical terminologies and practices.

We abandon the linear, research-[then]-design-[then]-construction-[then]-occupation process for practices that overlap these activities in significant ways. In terms of approach, we base our efforts upon four principles:

... that site is more about persistent conditions and less about physical geography;

... that size, like respect, is earned, not bestowed (and that small is OK);

... that program is not fixed, but emerges as new users re-imagine, re-inhabitat, or re-construct;

... that the chief aspiration of architecture can be the facilitation of its own destruction and, if warranted, subsequent reconstruction.




As a part of our initiative to create work that can be adopted and evolved by the communities they are intended to help, all of our project materials are open source and available to download now.